Welcome to Training Need Assessment (TNA) Test

There are two sections in Training Need Assessment (TNA)
Section 1
     => There are 21 TNA questions with multiple choice answer(MCQA)
     (you have to choose the correct answer out of four options provided with every question)
     => The Time duration for Section 1 is 60 minutes as per the time schedule shared by OSEPA.
Section 2
     => You can appear the Section 2(self assessment and feedback) only when you have completed Section 1 assessment.
     => Section 2 is the options based question on the training need as per your requirement.
     => The Time duration for Section 2 is 15 minutes.
********* Note:Come with your registered mobile number with phone which is used during the mock test.
*********If you have any issue with your registered mobile number contact to DSS(District Science Supervisor) before one hour as OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Click here for appearing the online training need assessement

Click here for self assessment and feedback on trainning need